October 6, 2010

Guest Responses Revealed

               (other) :  21
               i smell open bar :  14
               in a brooklyn heartbeat :  11
               omg duh lol ;) :  10
               only if 'the groom says' is there :  8
                i'm totally packing a taser bro :  6
               finally! :  5
               my mom says i have to :  4
               (no selection at all) : 

               boo i'll catch it on youtube :  4

- - -

Apparently the majority of our guests believe themselves to be more clever and/or witty than we are. Well, on behalf of the cleverer and the wittier, here are some of our favorite write-in candidates:

all of the above
our son is making us
let the wild rumpus start
i'm bringing a monkey
wherever there's an empty pole needin' dancin', i'll be there

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