April 5, 2010

The G-List

In honor of some of my favorite female bridal bloggers, I've created a new Twitter list to which they could never possibly belong, nor would they want to. Yes, gentlemen and ladies, it's the G-List.

The renowned B-Listers are an influential clan of women bloggers and wed enthusiasts. They hold soirees and secret meetings and conferences in Washington D.C. They have their own website. They're chic and elite and stuff.

It comes as no surprise that there are no male B-List members -- there's no groom representation -- though my good friend, fellow groom blogger and Los Angeleno Hunter Stiebel (The Fresh Hubby) managed to sneak his way onto their coveted Twitter B-List by dressing in drag on his Avatar.

Kudos, Hunter.

So I thought the only appropriate thing to do was to create my own list -- one exclusively for groom bloggers and our friends in the industry. We, too, are cool and elite and stuff. The ladies will be drooling in no time.

I suppose the next step is to hold some kind of G-List symposium. We'll pick a manly city (like Nashville, or St. Louis, or anywhere with a large scale name brewery), pick a manly location (like a stadium, or a bar, or to-be-decided large scale name brewery), and begin symposing. Grooming. Drinking. Whatever it is you do at these things.

So welcome, grooms, to your very own list. Tell your (man) friends.


  1. Awesome. Am I correct to assume all meetings will be held no earlier than Miller Time? Do founding members eventually become part of the O.G. List? Finally a group I can join that doesn't insist I wear drag.

  2. As a weak-ass blogger, but sucessful Cake Pimp, might I join?

  3. In order to maximize my chances of being included on this list, I've not used any abbreviations like "OMG" or "BFF" in this comment. I'm in. Is this like a Sharks vs. Jets thing? Do I need to convert my switchblade comb over to a blade? Should I expect a secret handshake in the mail?

  4. would you guys actually be interested in hanging with us ladies at the B-List? its not all serious discussions...we paint toenails and braid each others hair :)

  5. omg you are hysterical! I love this.

  6. Who do I gotta blow to get on the G-List?

  7. Sounds like a good idea to me! Maybe we can have it in the same city, on the same weekend and then have a prom where we can all dance and drink punch!

  8. Yes to Cake Pimps. No to drag. Yes to hair braiding. No to switchblading.

    Bowie - we'll decide that at our first Board of Directors meeting. Once we have a Board of Directors. And schedule a meeting.

    Anne - we're in. More to come.

  9. This is an excellent idea! Like the idea of a manly city. A manlym location for symposium, grooming and drinking.