September 28, 2010

Bachelor Party, Approved

When James Bennett, Firefly Events' CBPO (Chief Bachelor Party Organizer) and all-around savior of men, tells you that he approves of your bachelor party, you don't take that compliment lightly. James' idea of a good time is making root beer on a stripper cruise; sword fighting after a 4-hour wine tasting; and paint-balling magicians. While bungee jumping. James has done and will do it all for the benefit of mankind and man's right to one final evening(s) of unadulterated fun.

So when James posted a snippet from our own Bachelor Party hijinks on the FireFly blog, I had to share the news with Best Man Justin. Apparently I'm not the only one who values a weekend spread across two states and two National Preserves, crammed with rock climbing, ATVs, gambling and a visit to the classiest country club I've ever seen.

Please check out FireFly's post here ... and if you missed the Bachelor Party post, feel free to scroll down or click here.


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