June 10, 2011

Being MIA Because We're NYC

Hello readers!

Forgive me ... I've been absent this week, and I hate to be. But I promise I have good cause.

1. 2Es and I are in New York as of this morning. We red-eyed over from LAX last night, and we're still a little droopy from three hours of sleep. [Typo typo typo.] 2Es has got several photo shoots lined up this week, and we're attending our friend Gill's wedding in the Berkshires next weekend. Photos to follow!

2. Coming soon: more pics at The Art of Shaving -- this time at their Madison Avenue, New York location.

3. I've been preparing for our second groom style installment with fashion expert Julie Rath. I'll be meeting up with Julie on Tuesday and asking her to pull some rehearsal dinner attire options for us at awesome custom tailor Michael Andrews Bespoke + one other undisclosed location. Keep an eye out for that post in late June.

4. Also coming soon: another edition of our Thinking Outside the [Boutonniere] Box series. Click here to see the Respectfully Ego-Centric Boutonniere Collection (series #1).

5. And more stuff? Yes, more stuff. Operation The Groom Says: The Book is real and happening. All new material. A whole new level of raunchiness.

6. And we'll continue with our Crossing the Aisle series next week. For now, a groom-friendly image from our friend Vane at Brooklyn Bride.

For the rock-n-roll grooms ... via Brooklyn Bride

Much love from the east coast,

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