September 25, 2009

The Groom Says

With 12 months and counting before the big hoorah, I've been pestering my bride-to-be, nudging her, suggesting she keep a blog to share wedding updates, announce milestones, provide tips to other soon-to-be brides, etc., etc.

Well. Here we are.

Yes, I've decided to take the reigns on this one. I mean, let's face it - even when he wants to, the groom doesn't get to take the reigns on much in this process. So I might as well take what and when I can.

(All the married men are shaking their heads, adding, "It doesn't end after the wedding, Madman. Get used to it.")

We've known this for centuries. We GUYS aren't built for this. Our ancestral cavemen never had to participate in this ritual. "This" being ... oh ... comparing venue pricing; researching catering companies; snipping decor pics out of 2-inch thick bridal magazines. We're no good at it. What are we good at? Easy:

1. Grilling
2. Saying no to things we don't like
3. Prioritizing
4. Feeding ourselves (this is typically #1 on our list of priorities)
5. Amusing ourselves (typically #2)

And the most important item on this rather short list -

6. Moral support

For instance ... yesterday my dear, dear fiancee with two E's applied for a competition that was advertised on a blog that celebrates LGBT unions (our photo business is listed as a gay-friendly vendor on their website). The grand prize was a near-free wedding photo package from a fantastic Texas-based photographer. Via G-chat, she asks,

FIANCEE with 2 E's: Read what I wrote?
FIANCE with 1 E: Sure, sure - I'll read it tonight.
EE: But I have to submit it in the next 8 minutes.
E: O-K, I'll read it now.
E: Awesome. I love it. So sweet. ( <---- notice the moral support?) EE: You want to tweak it at all?
E: No-no, it's in your own style and voice and it's great as is.
EE: I think it needs an ending.
E: ::silence::
EE: You wanna write an ending?
E: ::silence::
EE: You there?
E: I'm kind of in the middle of something.
EE: What?
E: Hell's Kitchen.
EE: ::silence::
E: Anyway, you should write the conclusion. So it's in your own words. It'll be GREAT.
EE: Uh. Fiiiiiiiine.

There's a good chance we won't win this thing. Why? Well, for starters, the prompt was to write about how our relationship has "persevered" against all odds, and our competition is a handful of gay and lesbian couples whose biggest problem ISN'T antique or modern wedding bands ... but rather the legal RIGHT to wed in the state of their choice.

HOWEVER - my 2E's writing was so raw and love-infused that it inspired the photographer to contact us and offer us his services, free of charge. It's an unspeakable deal. We were both floored. She cried a little.

And so - the first post on this blog wraps up on a VERY positive note. Thanks to 2E's gawd-just-do-it-already approach, we stumbled upon someone who was willing to give back to the world in a HUGE way, and in a time when many people can't give, and in a time when others don't feel like giving at all.

Me and my bride-to-be have a wedding planning date scheduled for tomorrow. Perhaps I'll wear a wire.