September 26, 2009

We Like Music...?

We're sitting in the Starbucks lounge at Barnes & Noble, working through another wedding planning session. Highlights include the lack of available electrical outlets and the fact that this particular B&N Starbucks' straws are about twice the size of their average sipper. Hot dog!

Our first assignment is to come up with a list of "things" that represent "us."

(No, I don't really know what that means.)

This all-too-magical list will help us decide on a theme for our engagement shoot as well as any props or costumes that we'd like to include in our session. I think it's going well.

FIANCEE WITH 2E's: So what do we like?
FIANCE WITH 1E: We like mocha frappuccinos.
2E's: Uh huh ... and what do we like?
1E: Um. We like music...?

One might think it's easy to produce on the spot a list of common interests. I could whip out a list of things that I like in a heartbeat -- validated parking, Huey Lewis tunes, the dentist scene in Little Shop of Horrors, I could go on -- but things that we SHARE? Stab me!

So far 2E's has concluded that she'd like to wear a pair of boots at some point during the shoot. I told her that was a fantastic idea. (Cue the Moral Support music).


  1. Idea: Isn't it the differences between you two that really bring you together and keep the passion alive? You could totally accentuate the differences between your interests in a photo, making the photo charmingly witty. Like she can wear boots and go casual, western chic, while you could wear a suit or a Carlton Banks sweater vest and tie and be all buttoned up. It doesn't have to be that defined, but you get the idea. Even if you don't like wearing being so dressy particularly, it's a fun image! People will anticipate a fun, different wedding. Your blog is too cute. Are these planning sessions just the two of you or are you with a planner? Are you using any particular books or websites?

  2. ... I also enjoy the dentist scene -- and there are no words to describe how I feel about Huey Lewis .. and please please .. don't forget "The News" ...