November 22, 2010

Where the hell have you been?

There's oh so much to write about.

I could recount Russell Brand's excessive elephant ride proposal in India or ponder the buzz about William and Kate. Or I could draw some interesting parallels between the new TSA pat-down screening process and asking someone for their daughter's hand in marriage.

What I won't do is regurgitate old material or put out mediocre posts (present post not included). What I can't do is reveal too much about our wedding -- photos in particular -- since we are hoping for publication in one of our favorite wedding magazines.

What I can do is tell you that my absence has a purpose. A certain passion project (a few of them, in fact) is soaking up any and all spare minutes I may have, and I promise that the end result is going to be so much more worthwhile than the occasional post about ... Eva Longoria's idiotic husband. Who would cheat on Eva Longoria? No -- I'm not even going to get into it.

But I will check in now and then. There are surprises and guests posts on the horizon. And know that I do miss the daily posts. If you're new to The Groom Says, get on the mailing list (see the right sidebar) to get crack-of-dawn emails when new posts arrive. And check out the old shit. 2E's loves the one about the disaster that was our registry day, also known as G-Day. And the proposal story, of course. In other words, she loves the ones where she's the central character.

much love, be well,

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