March 23, 2011

Best Man Duties, abridged and abrupt

While we're here, Tweeting and blogging, sitting at our computers, accomplishing nothing substantial ... Best Man Justin is out there in the world, putting out fires. He's saving lives. He's pulling cats out of trees and such.

His latest project? Counseling future Best Men. And we're fortunate to have him on The Groom Says this morning to share 8 solid tips for successful bestmanship. I'd share his email address but ... well ... there have to be some boundaries. 

- - -

8 Tips for Successful Bestmanship
- by Justin

1) Make sure your boy doesn't go off the edge.  Take him out from time to time to kick back and still be a dude, as the rest of his time will be spent stressing over the hue of doilies. If you're out of town or out of state, give him a call once a week to check in.

2) The Bachelor Party can be anything from a quiet night around the campfire to The Hangover -- it depends on your groom. You just gotta tailor to the dude. Also good to keep the participants in the loop way ahead of time and involved in any decisions that concern money.

3) Make sure your boy is dressed and on-time on the day-of, and if he needs a shot in the morning (and everyone is pretty much better off with one) make sure he gets it and doesn't pay for it.

4) If they entrust you with the rings, guard them with your life. Make sure your pockets don't have any holes. And make sure you have tissues and mints in the other pocket.

5) Ensure that the groomsmen are dressed and on-time and orderly. You are their general. Beat them if necessary.

6)  In terms of speeches -- should they ask you to make one or two -- make em good, make em short and make em sincere. And don't drink too much until after you make em.  

7) On that note -- the speech at the reception should include thanks (if appropriate), instill confidence in the bride and groom's decision, and help usher the party from formality to celebration.

8) You are the secret agent of the wedding, the man behind-the-scenes who handles whatever issues should arise and guards the most important day of your boy's life (the most important day of his wife's life).  Stealthily persuade the drunk uncle to leave early in a cab if need be. Have cash on hand to pay for pizza should the catering fall through. Keep an extinguisher in your suit pocket should anyone catch on fire. 

Above all else, it is the day of the bride.  You are there for your boy, but the best thing you can do for him is to put your energies (whenever possible) to making sure her day is perfect. Stealthily.  

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