March 11, 2011

The Making of a YouTube [Wedding] Sensation

2Es is kind of a big deal. It's not uncommon for people to stop us in the street and go, I KNOW I know you from somewhere, or You seem really familiar, or Have I seen you in something? And she'll smile and blush a little and reply,

"Yes, on YouTube."

See, 2Es and her father Reid cooked up this scheme months before the wedding to execute this show-stopping father-daughter dance number ... and I was 100% in the dark. After a failed attempt at coming up with their own moves, they sought out a choreographer and finally settled on North Carolina native Joshua Wess, who taught Reid the steps on the east coast ... and then Reid later taught them to 2Es.

The two of them (and her brother Patrick, at times) would sneak off during our beach trip last August to "sign some papers" or "ride bikes," when in fact they were using an abandoned property down the block as a dance studio, rehearsing Joshua's moves while Nelly's Country Grammar played on 2Es' iPhone. They even found some time during our wedding week to brush up on the choreography.

Watching the video, you immediately forget all the trials and tribulations, the secret email exchanges and abandoned beach house rendezvous. The dance is executed so effortlessly, the transitions so seamlessly -- honestly, they're leagues ahead of the scores of fathers and brides who have shared their own dances online.

My father-in-law's got mad swagger, yo

(What you don't see in the video is 2Es pulling me onto the dance floor, followed by some of the most awkward popping and locking ever performed. Much thanks to the crappy battery on the FlipCam.)

Okay, so they're not yet a "YouTube sensation," but they've got 1,000+ hits and counting. If you'd like, click the YouTube logo above (or this link here), give them a thumbs up and leave a comment. Let's propel 2Es and Reid to internet stardom ... or at least make them as popular as that kid who lip syncs.


  1. This is amazing!! Your father in law definitely has some moves! I'm going to share this out, hope you dont mind!

  2. you know ive been waiting for this post! LOVE THIS!