March 21, 2011

Wedding Priorities, Start to Finish

Come March, our home is not unlike an archaeological dig. The remains, remnants and receipts from 2010 have been pulled from their respective holes, and we've got it all in piles that make sense to us and only to us. And while in pursuit of these artifacts, we tend to discover other goodies from years past...

...which brings us to yesterday, when I unearthed a crumpled sheet of notebook paper with several columns of information and a series of numbers and dollar signs on the back. This poor excuse for brainstorming was our half-assed attempt at getting ideas out for the wedding. And even more entertaining than seeing what we thought was possible (i.e. "Groom Attire - $100") is noting where our priorities were and what we ultimately ended up with. Here's some insight into the planning process from start to finish, circa September 2009.


1. Good band. Opted for an amazing DJ instead.
2. Unique venue. We had two, in fact.
3. Cool theme. Rustic theme.
4. Friend/family member officiant. Check.
5. Our friend Laura singing at the wedding. Also check. (+ groom points for surprise performance)

Bridesmaid Laura, accompanied by Best Man Justin on guitar, with their rendition of Bright Eyes' "First Day of My Life"
Photo by Noah Devereaux


1. Bridal bouquet. Check. Duh.
2. Photo picture booth. Not at the reception ... but had one at the rehearsal dinner.
3. Boutonnieres (then spelled "boutineers"). Check.
4. Vintage chalkboard(s). Seating chart chalkboard. Check.
5. Bubbles? Vetoed.
6. Cocktails outside? Illegal.
7. Acoustic guitarist. Do-able. Check.


1. Bridesmaids' bouquets. Check.
2. Designer dress. "Designed by somebody," she says.
3. Favors. Donation in lieu of.
4. Monarch butterflies. Vetoed with the bubbles.
5. Rented vintage vespa. Rented vintage checker cab.
6. Limos/trolley. Even classier: an NYC car service.


1. Email RSVPs via the wedding website. Designed our own "check here" response cards instead.
2. Save $$$ with silk flowers. A fleeting thought.
3. Friday wedding. Not when 3/4 of the guests are traveling.
4. Only spend $3200 on food. Ludicrous.
5. Our initial budget as a whole.
6. Bridal gown from Target. 


1. Bridesmaids dresses from Target. JCrew! And just as cheap.
2. STD postcards. Check.
3. Only spend $200 on hair/make-up. Check.
4. Spend under $500 on desserts. Check, check.
5. Fun weekend in the city for our guests. Without a doubt.

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  1. Great list. LOVE the idea of a donation rather than favors. I'll definitely be sharing that idea with others!