March 8, 2011

The Hard Art of Incorporating Hard Liquor into Wedding Planning

Chris Easter, Grand Poobah of The Man Registry, and I jumped on the opportunity to attend a private Johnnie Walker "House of Walker" tasting this past weekend. After a complimentary cocktail and a highly awkward photo opportunity (available on The Groom Says facebook page), we were led into a curtained-off part of the loft with several large projection screens, three-quarter seating and all the components of a proper tasting: glasses, mixers, ice, dropper and drink. We sampled four of their most popular labels, and while we walked to our cars, we realized (not aloud -- but I realized it, and I imagine Chris must have as well) that we simply do not drink enough whiskey.

(Side note: Tastings in the states are downright cruel. 2Es and I did a wine tasting in Tuscany in '09, and we were completely blitzed by the end. We devoured that wine. Then again, JW's tasting was free, and there was no tour bus to take us back to the cruise ship. So I suppose that works out.)

In honor of Mr. Walker and his sons and grandsons, I present 3 WAYS TO INCORPORATE WHISKEY INTO THE WEDDING PLANNING PROCESS, as difficult as that task may seem.

Not on this list? "Getting hosed at the reception."

The coveted JW Blue Label Anniversary Edition

1. The Stock the Bar Shower. The wedding shower can be an awkward time for all. What the hell does one do at a shower? What's an appropriate gift for the bride and groom? Am I seriously only invited to this stupid shower and not to the actual wedding?

Rather than answering all those questions, save yourself the trouble and throw a Stock the Bar shower: a themed celebration that dictates the gift (booze, in whatever form, at whatever price) and guarantees a limited amount of awkwardness. Open the bottles as the evening progresses; the bride and groom keep the remains. And hopefully someone buys those poor kids a bar cabinet or a wine rack or a shelf ... something to hold all that liquor.

2. A Single Shot of Single Malt Whiskey. There's something inherently celebratory about a shot of Johnnie Walker or any quality spirit. If one of your boys announces that he's engaged, you may want to celebrate that news with a round of shots at the local pub. Similarly, as Chris pointed out, a round of JW Blue Label is the perfect way for the Best Man to kick off the bachelor party (on the roof of the hotel or in a less hazardous setting) or for the Groom to show his men some gratitude at the end of a killer weekend.

Remember to maintain a reasonable distance from the roof's edge

3. The Soothing "Wedding Morning" Shot. One of my favorite wedding traditions that's worth preserving is the men's morning brunch, an hour or two when the grooms, groomsmen, dads, dad-in-laws, brothers, brother-in-laws and other VIPs to get together and decompress before the real fun begins. The "brunch" (though food is no requisite) comes in countless forms, from a round of golf to a round of Gold Label shots or Red Label cocktails at the Mexican joint down the street. In whatever form it comes in, make sure the Groom doesn't get the bill.

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  1. whiskey can be a classy "hard" addition to the bar menu, i definitely approve.