August 22, 2011

Cufflink Winner + When Zombies Take Over Engagement Sessions

So I thought of a new engraving option overnight for the Cufflink Contest (remember: it was a 2-line limit, 15 characters per line):

blame it on the

OK, whatever, I'm in vacation mode.

Thanks to all who entered both here and on Facebook! I printed out all of the submissions, read them aloud at a poetry slam (yes, that really happened), and let the crowd determine the victor.


You're hot baby
My sleeves agree
- Teresa R


Note to self:
< 98.6 = zombie
- Beth L

So Beth (because slam audiences love zombies) gets two FREE Thermometer Cufflinks, c/o of Don't forget to check out the other bride and groom gift options available on their site.

Side note: not all of BridesVillage's products have thermometers.

- - -

Also ... Teresa (honorable mention above) shared an awesome engagement shoot link that I could not help but re-share here. It's an instant Groom Says favorite because it challenges our expectations of engagement portraits ... and because it involves bludgeoning a zombie to death. 

And he JUST bought that suit, too.

So congrats, Beth! And congrats unnamed engaged couple ... for having a love that is stronger than the chokehold of the undead.


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  1. ARGH! Zombies always get the best of me. Congrats Gals!