June 19, 2010

Product Sampling: Coolhaus

The other night, 2E's and I took a break from serious wedding planning to do a little taste testing. We've had Coolhaus booked for the dessert portion of our wedding for a few months now ... and, believe it or not, we'd never tasted their product.

Granted, the "product" is ice cream sandwiches, so...

Like all LA food trucks, the Coolhaus party van makes stops all over the city (follow them on twitter for updates and location announcements), and we caught up with them across from CBS studios on Bev, doing some promotion for the USA Network.

(promotion = free taste test)

The verdict? The "product" is ridicu-licious. I went Southern and got the Red Velvet on a pair of fresh-made chocolate chip cookies; 2E's went out-of-the-box and got some bacon-or-something flavor on some other kind of cookie. Our sandwiches were made in, uh, seconds, and the bizarre flavors aren't at all overwhelming (only on her second-to-last bite did 2E's proclaim, "There's the bacon!"). It really is the perfect end-of-the-night treat after four hours of hardcore celebrating. 

The one thing left to consider: the mess factor. We had the good fortune of having the Beverly Boulevard sidewalk beneath us, but we may need to hook our guests up with courtesy plates to avoid a red velvet and bacon-flavored dance floor. And to prevent our guests from licking said dance floor. I think there's a surcharge for that.

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