June 21, 2010

And ... Moving On

While a certain sect of the internet marketplace dwells on the past and continues their manhunt (yawn), we're moving on. Our wedding is a day closer than it was yesterday. Two days closer than the day before. It's Day 63 of the BP oil spill. Let's move forward, people.

2E's and I are thrilled with the look of our invites and response cards, and in an effort to not completely ruin it for our guests, we won't be posting the images until all parties have received theirs in the mail -- hopefully by early July.

In the meantime, now that the invite design is over, we're designing the envelopes.

Yes, grooms, in the list of things you never thought you'd have to do, simply because it didn't sound like an actual task, you can add "designing envelopes." Working backwards, here are the three essential components of proper envelope embellishment:


Plain old licking doesn't cut it anymore, guys. Apparently you need a custom-made sticker to leave an impression on the back of the envelope ... a costly, custom-made sticker with a cutesy design and return address that your guests will smile at momentarily and then TEAR through to get to the contents.

Our smart-chic graphic designer took a small component of the invite design and incorporated it on the return label ... so you get the a taste of the tone of our wedding from the moment you pick up the envelope. It's almost as smart-chic as she is.


Brides care about stamps. Which means you care about stamps. She wants them to match but not be too matchy. She wants them to tell the story, but not the wrong story. She wants people to notice them, but they better not steal the show. And you want all of those things too. So start browsing now.

P.S. Don't even mention the official "Love and Wedding" stamps. Don't. Even.


While we were content with mediocre calligraphy on the Save the Dates -- that would be my mediocre calligraphy, thank you -- we decided we should top ourselves for the invites. So we hired awesome artiste and kickass Maid of Honor (oh, and -- cripes -- Etsy shopkeeper) Teresa to bless our envelopes with her playful, ethereal handwriting.

We stuck her next to an orchid plant, fitted with her a plaid button-up shirt and put a pen in her hand. Without food or water. Boy what a difference dehydration makes!

In all seriousness, we're beyond blessed. I've absolutely underestimated penmanship -- and it is a much more laborious task that one would think. Thankfully Teresa spent years in the Philadelphia prison system, so laborious tasks are nothing new.


  1. OMG teresa's fairy-handwriting and your guys' sure-to-be-screamworthy invites?? I'm gonna pass out just thinking about it!!!

  2. I can't just lick the envelopes to seal my invitations? Ugh. No wonder brides stress out with the whole wedding planning thing.