June 27, 2010

Without Further Delay

2E's and I didn't necessarily celebrate our one-year engagement anniversary, but she (being the awesome photographer that she is) did take some Groom Says-inspired photos of yours truly ... photos that were long overdue, she says.

So, without further delay, my favorite pics (copyright 2E's):

the one where it looks like I actually think before I write stuff

 the one where it looks like I ate my fiancee

and the one where I dramatize the word "marriage"

the one where I reenact our engagement

 and the one where I prove just how to irreverent this blog really is ... also known as the one that where I made that little girl cry when she and her mother strolled by unexpectedly


  1. Ok, you win. You are the whitest guy I know. You are white, like white was in the seventies. You are white enough to carry Robert Byrd's casket, as white as the white guy on Mod Squad. McLovin kinda white. Mr. Rourke's suit white. Jimmy Kimmel has more groove than you. You are so white you make Joanna look like Spray Tan Barbie. The white crayon is jealous of you.

  2. For the record, everyone, Mr Frostings thought I was black. Point of reference.