June 19, 2010

The Real Groom

(or How to Upset An Entire Website's Worth of People)

In the last 24 hours, thanks to the magic of internet forums, I've managed to anger hundreds of people (and entertain a handful). My MEN vs ETSY post on Aisledash.com brought on a sea of comments, mostly from Etsy lovers, buyers and sellers with some choice words for the guy who hates people who make things.

And those of you who know me (or know this blog) know too that I am not that guy. I hate very few people. None of them make things.

I was going to publish this post later in the week, but I see now that this is actually the only way to put out this ever-expanding fire:

2E's and I have been exploring options for our out-of-towner gift bags ... and to save you all a load of time and energy, you should know that "99-cent vintage viewfinders" just don't exist. Without telling the 2E's, I decided to browse a certain online shopping center to find something chic and unique ... and perhaps in the 99-cent range.

What I stumbled upon was ChickPrint's storefront (vowing "old school stationery for all") and her both chic and unique Brooklyn greeting cards. How cool, I thought, to personalize each gift bag with a greeting card and give your guests the impression that theirs is not just one in a slew of bags scattered throughout adjacent hotel rooms.

When they arrived this afternoon, "You bought something off Etsy?!?!" wasn't the first thing out of her mouth, but it did come shortly after.

P.S. I captured the above photo the very moment we opened the package -- not for my own posting purposes but rather by request; ChickPrint wanted to see 2E's reaction when she saw the cards for the very first time.


  1. bwaahhaaha Great post; 'tis yet another reason why you and she were meant to be. Looks like i need to check your Aisledash. Maybe she'd be happier if you used REGRETSY.COM?! ;-P

  2. I actually thought sparklejar took that thread a little over the top. She's pretty damned annoying on the forums. I wish she would become successful and move on off etsy. What is up with


    It's not artistic or creative; it's ANNOYING.

  3. It is terrifying how much people can get riled up on the internet. In my efforts to find said offending article I ended up here lol. I think it has been taken down.

  4. If you need help finding cheap gift bag items, I used TaskRabbit, so I could pay someone else to do the research for me, and I could just sit back and relax. It only cost me like $10, and I ended up with a list of great gift bag options.