July 15, 2011

Crossing the Aisle, Vol. XI

A quick note before we jump into this week's Crossing the Aisle: if 2Es and I appear to be off-the-map next week ... it's because we are. We don't want you to come find us. She and I will be poolside at an undisclosed location with our iPad and MacBook, respectively. We've decided that we need a few days outside of the city to unwind and make progress on our passion projects. We'll be back Wednesday evening, fully tanned and fully unprepared to return to reality. 

Okay, on with the show, beginning with this groom-friendly engagement shoot at a public library.

Chalkboard cleverness ... via Ever Ours

via 100 Layer Cake (and East Side Bride)
ESB addresses one bride's groom-related fashion question and tells us when and where white dinner jackets are appropriate ...

We can roll with these vintage poker chip bouts ... via Green Wedding Shoes

via The Broke-Ass Bride
On Episode 3 of Broke-Ass TV, Hunter (aka the Fresh Hubby) gives us the O-K to not break the bank when planning a bachelor party. 

"Dude, someone wrote on your shoes..." via Landlocked Bride.

via Southern Weddings
Marissa at SW gives us a brief lesson on the tradition and evolution of the groom's cake ... which is not the same, mind you, as a traditional Southern boob cake.

Starting to see a trend now ... via Wedding Chicks

Great weekend, everyone!


  1. Have fun you two! Brian I would be very interested on your take of publishing boudoir sessions meant as gifts for hubbies on blogs. I don't even care if it differs from my opinion; what do you think of them being published online for the world to see?

  2. You got it, HiLLjO. I'll do a post on it next week. Keep an eye out for it!