July 24, 2011

The Groom's Cure for Wedding Planning Stress

For those grooms (and brides) who can't start a blog to release their frustrations (Who would do such a thing?), how's about an old back room bar tradition:

  I definitely wouldn't use "Master" to describe our skill level.

2Es' mom stayed with us last week and, seeing a missed opportunity, drilled a few holes in the wall beside our fridge and added our dart board (which had been featured last October at our rehearsal dinner)  to our vast collection of kitchen artwork. Thanks Mom-in-Law!

Now the married couple, we get a few rounds in on the weekends or while we're cooking ... but grooms and brides might use this drunk man's sport to settle a wedding disagreement. 

She let me win this round. She didn't want to embarrass me on my own blog. 

Be forewarned -- if you're as skilled as we are, the space below your dart board may look like this after a very short time. (I see some caulking and painting in our near future.)

And this was before we started drinking.

The dart board is currently available on Amazon for $41.27 and includes 6 brass darts (not the awesome Great Britain v USA weaponry shown above).

Chalkboard paint available at most paint and art stores. Thanks to my MIL for that kitchen addition as well!

- - -

Photos by Brian Leahy for Joanna Wilson Photography


  1. aahh. mhe dart board. many a hole from your point have we filled....

  2. Ok - where did you get the awesome GB/USA darts - my wife and I are a transatlantic couple and this would be AWESOME!