December 25, 2009

A Christmas Miracle (from the EuroPeans)

While my true purpose as a blogger is to share tips, anecdotes and inspiration with the groom community, I can't deny the handful of women out there who are as lost and helpless as us guys. So men, you may want to take the day off. Ladies, you won't want to sit this one out. Literally.

Enter my sister, who was anxious on this Christmas evening in Royal Palm Beach to show me a new website ... something she's discovered recently ... something I'm going to love. What she shows me is the Go-Girl, an innovative new product that allows women to pee standing up ... a concept European women have been standing behind for years. In the words of their spokeswoman,

"With Go-Girl ... the world is your urinal."

Observe the unique tip design. And too, let's remind ourselves what else has a tip:

While us boys have grown accustomed to urinating in filthy gas station bathrooms, alleyways and plastic bottles (and sometimes, after a night of drinking, on any given suburban street), women don't have the luxury due to God's intelligent design. Enter the Go-Girl, the small, discreet and mysteriously hygienic pee funnel that makes camping, concerts and foreign travel THAT much easier.

While I haven't yet introduced the idea to 2E's, I'm not sure she'll buy into it ... but she might consider buying it for her trusty bridesmaids. After all, what better than a neon pink female urination device (affectionately, a FUD) to show your love, gratitude and appreciation on your wedding day. Plus, their catch phrases are genius:

"Because life's greatest adventure shouldn't be finding a bathroom."

For ladies who may be tempted, you can find their website here, and you won't want to miss their demo video. The only truly unfortunate detail (aside from the fact, as my sister puts it, that this urine detour-ant is actually a "faux penis") is that Christmas has already come and gone. Gifts have been opened. The opportunity has been pissed away. Literally.

Oh well. Thank god for Valentine's Day.


  1. Hello! I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for the shout out!

    Since we're on the wedding topic here, I should let you know that we've been hearing from a lot of women that GoGirl would have been a godsend on their wedding day. Apparently, on the big day, going to the bathroom for the bride is a huge hassle, and depending on the size of the dress, it can take up to four people to help the bride 'go.' With the GoGirl, there's no need to sit and try to keep the dress off the ground/toliet.

    Hopefully that anecdotal story will give you some good 'ammo' for when you try to sell the future wife on the concept ;) Good luck and congratulations!

    Sarah Dillon
    President of GoGirl

  2. Amazing.. my Mama had a "J Cup" back in the day to use on camping trips.

    I've got one of these for my world travels to places where there are some less than pleasant bathroom situations... mine is a Whiz Freedom... And I would like to mention that the plastic it is made of is magic or something. One flick and it is dry! I did not use it on my most recent travels but it gets amazing reviews.

    My whiz freedom is currently on loan... I may have to ask for it back for my someday wedding day...

    Just thought I'd share...