December 26, 2009

Groom Points Update

Being that this was my first and only Christmas as a groom, I knew instinctively that I had to step it up a notch this year. In the same way I've learned to bump up the moral support these past few months, I felt I needed to bump up 2E's gift as well. 

I sat in the lobbies of thousands of nail salons, hair salons and strangely miscellaneous salons, flipping through magazines, talking to strange women, hunting down inspiration. At last, I came across the following bar graph:

The good news is that the graph didn't specify a type, style, cost or color; in that I was very fortunate. With this kind of ambiguity, she'd be pleased with any old boot. Polyester. Pink. Rain.

The bad news is that I already had that $25 Sizzler card from the previous year ... really would've loved to re-gift that.

Nevertheless, once the gifts were unwrapped and the boots were on, we were both pleased as punch. She has a new pair of leather zip-ups with twin winding ruffles; and I have 105 points of leniency (100 for the boots themselves and 5 additional points for the surprise factor), which I can choose to drag out over the next month or splurge immediately on a day off with the boys.

Boys -- get suited up. We're going to Walmart.

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