May 15, 2010

GahGah for GoogleDocs

No, it's by no means a new technology, but it is the first time I've had a legitimate reason to actually use Google's appropriately named GoogleDocs service.

It started with a simple #venuegate spreadsheet -- one that she and I could both view and edit -- one that would hold all the secrets to our ongoing wedding venue hunt.

Then this afternoon I completed a massive project -- an impressive, all-encompassing "wedding element" list, cataloging all wedding-related tasks between now and October 2nd (and onward). It's organized chronologically (thank you, OCD) with additional columns for cost (if applicable) and status. It's color-coded. It's fantastic.

I can hear 2E's response now: "Oh, great, something else I have to update." And right she is. God knows we've got enough things to check off the ever-expanding list, and me -- being the groom -- I would rather spend four hours pouring heart and soul into this spreadsheet as opposed to accomplishing something more significant.

It may very well have been Plato who said, Ordered chaos is still chaos, but chances are it was a bride.

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