May 5, 2010

Now In the Naughty Pages...

I am pleased to announce that, as of today, I am a published writer!

Blogging is a true delight -- and such a privilege in a time when the publishing world is undergoing major life changes and is constantly being redefined. We all do take this for granted -- the ability to publish our own work and make it available instantaneously to people all over the world with a single click.

And yet, to put it plainly, seeing your work in a printed paper is pretty incredible ... even if that paper is free ... and even if that work is a sex column (positioned opposite the classy call girl ads), primarily intended as a marketing tool for my play, The Irish Curse.

Read it here.



  1. Just found your blog while trolling Twitter for "BizBash" tweets. I'm the Los Angeles bureau chief for BizBash, and also engaged... with the 100-day countdown ticking from today!

    Just want to say you have a genius blog concept here. Looking forward to reading more!

    Alice Dubin

  2. Thanks so much, Alice, and thanks for reading! BizBash is such a great resource. 100 days, huh? Better send your groom my way for moral support.