May 31, 2010

She Comes, She Goes

My silence this weekend was in part due to the hectic goings-on of our closing weekend of The Irish Curse, a remarkable little play that touched my heart (and the hearts of many others) and marked my Off-Broadway debut here in New York. And it may have had something to do with the fact that my 2E's was in town after a two-month separation with 3,000 miles between us. We were occupied.

Our plan was to fly back to LA together on Wednesday morning ... but as it turns out, 2E's was summoned two days early for a pretty hefty commercial audition callback (cause she's, like, uber-talented), so she's on a plane at this very moment ... leaving me stranded in New York ... and leaving me, yet again, with a fair amount of homework.

(Being a groom is not unlike that chem class you take in your senior year of high school. The course in which you had to complete entire notebooks of lab work, tasks that were so daunting that you'd just stare at the empty pages for hours rather than just jumping in and getting it done. Only I'm answering to a bride and not to a disheveled, graying man in his early fifties. The latter now seems totally manageable.)

2E's and I have shifted our focus back to our Loft reception space -- and we are blessed in that, in our meanderings around the neighborhood, we stopped into Dewey's Candy shoppe on Front Street (thank you, sweet tooth), and in that shoppe found an updated brochure with all of the new neighborhood perks and resident artist lofts, and in that brochure found a few spaces that might serve as ceremony venues ... all within walking distance of our reception space ...

... so guess what I'm doing tomorrow.

Luckily my handy-dandy Best Man is in town to keep me company, sane and inebriated all at once. It's no easy task. He'll be joining me this evening as I scope out our second rehearsal dinner venue option, the Union Smith Cafe in BKLYN (our first option is a hip joint on 3rd Avenue with fantastic, upscale bar food and a sweet private room downstairs).

And so off I go. Because I can't afford to sit here in my cozy Upper West Side Starbucks any longer. I've got hundreds of empty, college-ruled papers to stare at.

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