August 19, 2010

Groom (& Bride) Scorecards for Sale!

At the request of numerous readers and blog enthusiasts, the Groom and Bride Scorecards are now for sale here on The Groom Says!

I know what you're thinking. "I already have one of those." Well, that's highly unlikely -- unless you're one of the five people in the WORLD who currently has one or the other.

I copied it from his site and put it on my desktop 
because I thought it was hysterical. 
- Anne Chertoff, AOL's

And I know what else you're thinking. "What charity is my money going to?" Not a single one. To be perfectly honest, the money is going straight into our honeymoon wedding fund, which grows inch by inch, dollar by dollar every day. Call it a good cause if it makes you feel better.

I insisted that Brian send me over one and it’s 
pretty hilarious ... I’ll add certain points to my 
scoreboard, sometimes even if I haven’t really earned 
them ... you know, I can get points for bathing multiple
times in a day. ... If I take two showers, 
that’s an extra bonus point. 
 - Chris Easter, The Man Registry

Scorecards are 10" x 15" and are professionally laminated by yours truly. (Yes, I laminate. Professionally.) They make the perfect gift for a recently engaged couple, recently married couple, bridal or groomal or wedding showers or bachelor/bachelorette parties. Please email orders, questions or special requests to, and check out the pricing guide below.

Groom Rewards Score Sheet + Handy Dry Erase Marker: $15
 Shipping + Handling: $5
Total: $20

Bride Rewards Score Sheet + Handy Dry Erase Marker: $15
 Shipping + Handling: $5
Total: $20

Groom + Bride Rewards Score Sheets + 2 Dry Erase Markers: $25
Shipping + Handling: $5
Total: $30
You save: $10!


  1. Love this. I may just have to get these as a gift for my fiancé, and maybe for some friends...

  2. These are hilarious. Love the creativity! Bet your sales will be through the roof!!

  3. what a nice blog you have! so funny! It is nice to see something like this from the boy´s poin of view! I ma also preparing my wedding.
    Regards from Spain