March 14, 2010


Readers have been emailing, tweeting and Pony Expressing me this past week, asking for an update on our ceremony location connundrum. So here is the update, faithful readers. Here it is, in true press release format:

"14 March 2010

No one at the nowhere agency has not informed us of anything.

No one at the no name agency in nowhere hasn't told us that a no name company may be doing nothing in particular in the place where we were planning to hold our ceremony. It was not confirmed by no one special that this nothingness would affect not only our ceremony but also our reception venue. This is in no way public information, so please keep your know-nothingness to yourself.


No news isn't good news. No news is absolutely crap. 2E's and I are utterly frustrated, deciding ultimately that it's the wedding gods' intention that we hit every speedbump along the way.

Half-rationalizing and half-bickering, 2E's and I summed up our current debacle. Kneeling on the floor of the DVD section in the Atlantic Avenue (Brooklyn) Target, I realized that this was that moment, that crappy, frustrating moment that brides and grooms always gripe about and eventually laugh about after the ceremony. "The long, painful road here," etc.

So we've hit it. Our first major speedbump. And we're still here. We're still standing. Even though we're 3,000 miles apart. Which is AWESOME. ... Sarcasm.

So there's the update. Nothing to it.


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