March 25, 2010

Groom. Taste. Food.

I'm thinking back to my very first post on this blog (back to a time when this blog was actually titled Nod and Smile) and a list I'd created of the typical groom's skills and priorities -- a list that shared no components with those of women and brides.

"We've known this for centuries. We GUYS aren't built for this. Our ancestral cavemen never had to participate in this ritual. 'This' being ... oh ... comparing venue pricing; researching catering companies; snipping decor pics out of 2-inch thick bridal magazines. We're no good at it. What are we good at? Easy:

1.)  Grilling
2.)  Saying no to things we don't like
3.)  Prioritizing
4.)  Feeding ourselves (this is typically #1 on our list of priorities)
5.)  Amusing ourselves (typically #2)"

Needless to say, my views of and opinions about the wedding industry have changed in the past six months. I've become more worldly in my old age. I've found that comparing venue pricing isn't as complicated as it seems and that many brides are as disturbed by bridal magazines as we are...

...but even then, I knew that #4 would come in handy sooner or later. As a matter of fact, that day is Monday.

2E's and I will be visiting our two favorite Brooklyn caterers in a few days to sample some of the menu options they've been pricing out for us for the last month. They couldn't be more different -- one has its own storefront, a set menu of items to choose from and fixed pricing, and the other is independently run, has no "home base" per se, and creates a custom menu for each client. Both setups have their own advantages; god knows we're not making our decision based on their corporate structures. Honestly, all that matters to me is that the food tastes fantastic. 80% of our guests are traveling over 1000 miles to make an appearance at our ceremony, and we have every intention to serve the best damn food that we can ... within our budget.

You really can't have enough ClipArt.

Side note: "Within our budget" is like the new "in bed," isn't it?

GUY: "She's trying to make it work ... in bed."
GROOM: "She's trying to make it work ... within our budget."

Needless to say, we're excited about the prospect of meeting some new people, sampling some amazing food and convincing them that a few mentions on The Groom Says blog are valuable enough to take $1000 off the estimate.

Haha. No, but seriously. Is it?

At the start of this caterer-selection process, I anticipated doing thousands of tastings. Thousands per week, perhaps. That is, until I found out that tastings cost $$$ ... X number of dollars to cover the cost of the meal and the time and the service ... X number of dollars that will be deducted from our final bill should we decide to book with them. Upon that discovery, our anticipated number of tastings dropped from 20,000 to 2.

And no complaints! None at all. I know how time-consuming and expensive it is to cook up two servings of glazed duck last minute. And if they didn't charge, I can only imagine how many people would take advantage ... people like me ... like grooms. Don't believe me? Just pay a visit to any culinary academy on Free Eats night. Or any participating Denny's on Free Grand Slam Day. Ben & Jerry's on Free Cone Day. We're a desperate people, we.

 Not unlike what 2E's and I will be sampling on Monday. Minus the links.

Second Side Note: Today is my 2E's birthday! She turned 26 this morning with our kitty Scooter by her side. If you have a moment, wish her a Happy Birthday on Twitter @jofosterwilson.

much love,


  1. Great use of clip art. Enjoy the eating!

  2. our caterer took 10% off if we payed 50% of the estimated cost up front. it was a good enough deal for us! now even if numbers go down or the menu changes, we're only responsible for the difference in november. it's worth an ask! good luck tasting :)