March 2, 2010

Ultimate Groom Contest! (Ultimate Grooms Only, Please)

The Man Registry is SO clever. They come up with this kickass Ultimate Groom Contest, open to all grooms who are residents of the U.S., and then they make me an official judge so I can't even enter the competition.

You are SO clever, Man Registry. So. Clever.

And why would I want to enter the contest, anyway? Is it purely for the title -- The Ultimate Groom? Is it bragging rights? Years of Twitter posts about how awesome I am? Perhaps it's the prizes, which include a honeymoon kit, a grilltopper set and the hottest pocket square you've ever seen.

It's definitely the pocket square.

If you're a groom, it's definitely worth checking out. And if you're a bride, it's definitely not open to you. But it is open to your fiance, and it's pretty much your bridal duty to nominate him between now and March 15th. See the contest rules and a complete prizes list here.

FYI - the contest is also sponsored by some awesome industry peeps (The Dessy Group,, Adam & Even, Grilltopper & MissNowMrs) and will be judged by the most unworthy group of grooms that the blogging world has ever seen. If that's not incentive enough ... honestly ... I don't know what is.

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