February 28, 2010

Confessions of People Who Have Bigger Problems Than They Think

So I just stumbled on this website, Confessions of a Bridezilla, a database where readers can dump their confessions on the World Wide Web, cry on the shoulders of complete strangers, and complain about their wedding planning, which -- for whatever reason -- is not ideal.

When I find a site like this, I always get the sense that I'm "the last to know," but let's assume for the purposes of this blog post that I'm making a blogger breakthrough. Thanks in advance.

On the very first page, second post from the top, is a comment from Anonymous Bridezilla. It reads:


At this point!! Im so tired of him!
He´s like this “macho-guy” that is always telling me what to do.. But now with this “planning the wedding thing” he wants me to take care of all the thing! I finally asked him how many guest does he want to bring, and the dumbass told me that if it was it for him, he would only invite his parents and grandma and I have like 150 relatives and some friends to invite! This is not even!! I think he doesnt care about the party, only about the “fact”.. That´s horrible!! Im a princess and I want a beautiful reception!!"

Hmm... well, Princess, if I can weigh in here...

I have a feeling that your groom's machismo didn't begin with your engagement, so why exactly are you marrying this fact-loving fiance? I think it's safe to say that if you want the princess-worthy reception you've always dreamed of, 150+ guests and all, you're going to have to do this "planning the wedding thing" alone ... as "not even" as it may be.

But before we go there, maybe consider the fact that this isn't the best idea you've had. It's possible that you two aren't exactly a match made in heaven. After all, you're logging onto a site called Confessions of a Bridezilla at 7am to gripe about your husband-to-be. Anyone else see a problem here?

Equally disturbing is a November post entitled MY DIAMOND IS TO SMALL. Immediately following it is a post called MY FIANCEE CAN'T DIFFERENTIATE TO and TOO.

I don’t care if it’s flawless or you spent more on the setting, I asked for a 2 ct diamond and got a 1.5. Also, screw all of you for judging me and saying I’m superficial. It’s what i wanted, he knew it and should’ve respected that. It’s not about what he wanted. Now i’m making him chip in $7k for the wedding. Whatever.

"Whatever" is right, Other Anonymous Bridezilla. Clearly others have already clued you in to the fact that you're superficial, so let me focus instead on your ego ("It's not about what he wanted.") and the obviously very dynamic relationship between you and your groom. You're "making him chip in $7k?" That'll teach him!

Brides -- if your groom is aggravating you for whatever reason ("At this point!! Im so tired of him!"), the best thing you can do is communicate. Let him know what it is and what he can do to improve things. After all, I'm not sure your anonymous confession is going to save you in the long run.

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