February 12, 2010

Pre-Weekend Words of Wisdom from the Best Man

My Best Man gave me the following profound bit of wisdom when I was griping about our yet-to-be secure ceremony location last night:

"Look, it doesn't matter where it happens. It doesn't matter if you get married on the subway with party platter sandwiches from Subway. Everyone is just going to be so happy to be there with the two of you."

He then got up, went to the mic and did his rendition of Bill Withers' Lovely Day.

No, this wasn't a karaoke bar.



  1. True story. And Subway not only has a steak and veggie option, they also have that strange seafood gumbalaya thing too!

  2. That's pretty funny and on a serious note, so true. It's not the place or the wedding that matters, it's the love and the marriage. And I'm a wedding planner - ha!