February 9, 2010

First Time Here: Update

You'll be proud of me. I've grown since my last sports-related post. I watched the Super Bowl. Two-thirds of it, anyway.

Not only did I watch the Super Bowl (two-thirds of it) ... but I watched it with two other men. A Super Bowl party, if you will. I talked at the TV. I got involved. I was engaged. For a third of it.

Not only did I get engaged (for a third of the two-thirds that I watched) ... but I brought things. I brought sausage, whole wheat crackers and a six-pack. I know one of those things was actually appropriate. Potentially two.

And to top it all off -- when I was at the grocery store, purchasing my manly sausage meat -- I made a football reference. The cashier asked me who I was rooting for (I guess the contents of my basket gave away my plans), so I said:

ME: Oh, the Colts. (+1 Point for knowing who's in the game) What about you?
HER: The Saints. I feel like I have to. The underdogs, you know?
ME: I know, right. (Check this out:) It's like if the Lions were playing. No matter what, you'd have to root for them.

Yes. Touchdown. New Groom 7 - Former Groom 0.

(It is 7, right?)

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