February 22, 2010

Pillow Talk

I once had a set of Charlie Brown-themed bedsheets. I interchanged them with X-Men bedsheets. It was a simpler time then.

The sheets featured Charlie and the whole gang, acting out the usual cartoon shenanigans: slipping, tumbling, lounging on miniature pianos, etc. And the matching pillow covers offered subliminal messages of Schultz's design, like:

Happiness is no rain on a cloudy day. Happiness is ice cream after the ball game. Happiness is getting what you want.

My parents were trying to brainwash me with textbook happiness. These days, if I was still sporting cartoon linens, I might choose to amend those sayings so they read something like:

Happiness is no rain overdraft fees on a cloudy day my checking account. Happiness is ice cream after the ball game DMV. Happiness is getting knowing what you want.

2E's and I caught a modern day glimpse of happiness this past weekend when we met with Bliss Honeymoon's SoCal agent, Barbara Oliver, who will be helping us plan and book our honeymoon. Sitting outside the Burbank Starbucks, Barbara gave us the rundown on how Bliss operates and asked us to describe our perfect vacation. We essentially listed all of the elements in a traditional honeymoon ... and quickly came to the conclusion that we don't want any of those things. While we're all about comfort and quiet and solitude and sandals (the footwear, not the resort), we still want the anti-honeymoon, in a way.

And we'll probably skip the fireside giant champagne glass tub, though I'm sure it's a riot just getting out of the damn thing.

Kudos to you, model honeymoon couple. Good of you to light those candles by the roaring fire. 

Barbara is all about being attentive to the couple's needs, giving them the vacation that they want and incorporating her extensive knowledge when she can. And the best thing about Bliss Honeymoons is that there's no additional cost for their services. (Yes. Happiness is free stuff.) For twisted couples like us who are somehow planning a wedding on the opposite coast, it's a huge relief.

And grooms -- if you are intrigued and do decide to visit Bliss' website, stray from their "Groom's Guide" tab. That section about grooms being responsible for planning the honeymoon is just downright alarming.


  1. What. In the name of god. IS THAT PICTURE ABOUT.

    Happiness is not ever having to use a champagne glass tub.

  2. Never. I repeat NEVER skip the fireside giant champagne glass tub. You don't know what great things happen in there. No there won't be one at the bachelor party. Or will there?????