February 5, 2010

Hallucinating & Thinking Happy Thoughts

While savoring some Pinkberry with my Best Man yesterday -- me with my passionfruit, he and his sans-flavor original recipe -- Justin praised his work ethic with his best man speech. He's decided to write one a week, hoping that between now and October, he'll have at least one slam dunk speech that lights up a room and brings tears to your eyes simultaneously.

I think it's a stellar plan.

He also asked me for any advice I may have (though I'm not sure why, as I'm one of the most neurotic public speakers ever), so I told him he may want to avoid foul language, quotes from Bob Seger songs, inside jokes, anecdotes that only he and I can appreciate and -- most importantly -- pop culture references.

ME:  Don't say anything controversial.
BM:  Well, sure. 
ME:  In fact, don't say anything that sticks out too much. It should all ride just under the surface.
BM:  Christ. Maybe you should write this thing.

You know what I mean. A best man makes a crack in his speech about doing shrooms with the groom at graduation, and it's over. Suddenly he's the shroom dude. Parents are pissed. And days later, no one remembers the speech -- just that one line about trying to cut your own arms off while hallucinating. No bueno.

Justin couldn't remember the speech at the last wedding he'd attended, but he did remember the bride and her uninterrupted smile that stretched from ear to ear. The new Mrs. spent the evening dancing with each and every guest, pulling the more resistant from their chairs, making every moment count. It really affected everyone, he said, her very palpable, radiant positive energy.

And so once again, in the midst of planning and pushing and pulling and procrastinating, my 2E's and I have to take a minute to remember what this is all working towards -- a day celebrating six years of love and a lifetime of happiness to come. And we should remember too how lucky we are to have this privilege as we continue to fight for those who are not so fortunate. So thanks, Best Man, for doing everything right as always, and thanks to the grinning bride, wherever you are.

Much love,


  1. Dude- I was totally on shrooms and don't remember a lick of that conversation! brittany spears. was there a hooker and a midget there? *curtain* happy happy happy happy thoughts.....