February 19, 2010

Change of Scenery

As many of you know, aside from being a full-time groom and compulsive blogger, I am also an actor. Typically my acting career does not cross dramatic storylines with The Groom Says ... but that is not the case this week.

I am overjoyed to announce that, beginning February 26th, I will have relocated to New York as a cast member of the new Off-Broadway play, The Irish Curse. My association with TIC, playwright Marty Casella and director Matt Lenz goes back to May of 2005. Fresh out of college and unsure what in god's name I was going to do with all this spare time, I suddenly found myself in the audition room for a brand new play about five men with "size" issues. I had never (and still have yet to) read a play with this much heart, soul, grit and integrity. Despite the male-dominated cast and male-dominated subject matter, the play touches everyone who sees it. And now, five years later, I'm fortunate enough to be playing the same role I originated in the summer of '05.

(I know ... thank god I don't age.)

I'm sorry to say that my blogging may be more sporadic than usual during the month of March ... but I will certainly check in now and then. And I'll send you all loads of landmark postcards. Times Square. The Statue of Liberty. The real shady part of Second Avenue.

And no, my 2E's will not be joining me in New York, but don't worry readers. She's already got an itinerary typed out, laminated and packed at the bottom of a near-empty suitcase. That's right -- I will be 2E's east coast liaison for our Brooklyn nuptials, coordinating with vendors face-to-face, attending preliminary tastings and running all kinds of absurd wedding-related errands. So stay tuned. Even I don't know what the hell to expect.

much love,


*If you're interested, feel free to visit the production website at theirishcurse.com, and check out our press release on Playbill.com. Become a fan on Facebook for updates and ticket info.

Also, the producers have announced a Special Early Bird Discount: $20 for all tickets purchased before February 28th. Use promo code TCK20 when placing your order. Support Off-Broadway theater!


  1. Congrats! This play looks great...I wish I had any everloving idea of when I'd be able to make it so that I can cash in on that discount.

  2. Best of luck man! Next time I'm visiting my parents in manhatten i'll look your show up!