February 8, 2010

Groom Spotlight: "A Romantic and Cozy Facility"

2E's Maid of Honor sent me a link this afternoon -- a link to the best all-in-one chapel and financial services event space in downtown Los Angeles between 1st and 3rd streets. 

Allow me to introduce the Guadalupe Wedding Chapel, the one-stop shop for both English- and Spanish-speaking couples who wish to be married, married couples who wish to be divorced, girls celebrating their Sweet Sixteen or QuinceaƱera, and Angeleno immigrants needing ... immigration-related things. How convenient! The only thing thing place is lacking is a roller rink.



Highlights include civil ceremonies for minors; a green screen photo studio for perfectly positioned palm trees in your portraits; five wedding chapels that are eerily similar but that increase in religious overtones; and five corresponding wedding packages, the most expensive of which (The Platinum) comes with a 31-photo album, nuptial rope and coins.

And no, I don't know what that means...

Check out their Huntington Park location (featuring a chapel with Greek columns wrapped in garland like barber poles), or visit them online at guadalupewedding.com. And don't forget to bring your W2s. There's nothing like getting your taxes done during cocktails. 

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