February 5, 2010

Groom's Lib: Why Grooms Are Here to Stay

Grooms aren't going anywhere. Grooms are here to stay. And our quirky, unconventional groom opinions are staying with us.

The feminist movement (or women's lib campaign) as we know it encompasses three waves of feminist struggles beginning in the 1700s. I'm not entirely sure which wave grooms are in at present -- we're not quite as structured as our predecessors -- but let's call it the first. We're pioneers. We are the Margaret Fullers and Elizabeth Stantons of the male wedding community.

I imagine the modern day wedding handbook was written ages ago by a throng of brides and former brides, scribed on aged parchment cardstock, perhaps on the roof of the St. Regis in Midtown Manhattan. It's their words, their ink that set in stone the rules of decor and decorum that we abide by today.

But we are staging our revolution. Through the tomes of testosterone-fueled blogs we are amending and updating those sacred pages.

And we're becoming more sensitive every day. You've seen the signs, ladies. We have guy nights as frequently (if not more frequently) than you have girl nights. We're picky about our beer. We buy local. We make decisions. Most days we smell nice. We don't even recognize ourselves anymore.

But the main reason why grooms are here for the long haul ... ? Because you love it. Admit it. After all, we're your Frankenstein monsters, products of your endless goading, and now -- suddenly -- unmanageable. Opinionated. Well-groomed.

Isn't this what you want, though? Let's face it, the one thing you love more than making to-do lists for yourself is making them for your groom. Coming home from a long day at the office to find that your man has not only researched potential venues within your budget -- he's also acquired pricing breakdowns and set up site walk-throughs. Knowing that you aren't the sole pilot on this year-long journey. 

The revolution is coming. We're holding our own meetings. We're organizing. We're unionizing. And we'll nod and smile for now ... but not for long.

with love,


  1. Heck yeah we love it. It's a freaking partnership. Why else would I put up with this wedding cr*p if not to celebrate that? We're hopefully getting married because we like (most of) those opinions. So opinionfy away, Madman. Feminists have always hated the bs gender role designations that left us with a 200 guest family nightmare princess party to plan and him with a Vegas bachelor bash. This sharing stuff is so much better. I'm liking this groom revolution.

  2. I love the 'tude, ALAL. And I'm glad too that brides can get on board with this. You're an inspiration.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go opinionfy some cr*p.