February 12, 2010

oh god the emails (cont.) (cont.) (cont.) (cont.)

It's true. Things have improved since October. 2E's now begins her emails with

sorry for the barrage of emails but

and there is an apology in there -- hidden there at the very beginning -- but it's the but that sets us back. It's the but that makes a groom cringe. Buts scare us.

My poor Inbox has never looked so overwhelmed. I've got notes, reminders, queries, quote requests, appointments, proposals, budgets, breakdowns, inspiration, links, photos, videos, tid bits and this-and-thats -- and that's just this week. I have emails with the subject line "cute?" What am I supposed to derive from that?

Occasionally I'll archive an unread email out of pity, you know, put it out of its misery. I'll read one mid-teeth brushing or on my way out the door -- but that's when the gmail chat begins.

2E's:  did you get my catering email
          the new one
ME:   yup
2E's:  what do u think
ME:   oh
          i didn't read it yet
2E's:  oh
          well see if u like it
          it's in our budget!!

(moments later)

ME:   looks good
2E's:  do you like the apps? i'm not thrilled about the crabcakes
ME:   oh
          i didn't read that part
2E's:  what part did you read?
ME:   the total
2E's:  the total what?
ME:   cost
          isn't that what you wanted me to read??
2E's:  no, i want ur opinion on the whole thing
ME:   oh

(moments later)

ME:   yeah, i like most of it
          it's pretty good
2E's:  o-kay
          well compare it to the other three i just sent you
          love you!!!

It's just not in our blood. It's like stockings or scrapbooking ... we just don't get it. Apparently men have X hours in a day for email correspondence. Women have X + 2. Mathematically speaking, it's unfair. It's just unfair.


  1. That's exactly how I feel, my fiancé (1E) loves to send emails about contracts... :o) I guess it happens both ways.

    BTW: Not sure I how I found your blog, I was just clicking around, but I love it!

  2. Well, no matter how it happened, we're glad you're here AZ! Congrats to you and your 1E. Best of luck with the swarm of emails. We grooms do weird things in the haze of wedding planning.