April 20, 2011

Just Some Dudes Dressing Another Dude: A Straight-Up Photo Chronicle

Enough with the dress shopping. This is how men shop for wedding attire. Click to expand photos. Straight up.

We don't walk. We take the escalator, yo. And no, we don't walk up it.

We shop for ties first. Why? Cause they're easy, and cause we don't have to commit to one right away. We found 800 ties that worked that day. Boo-ya.

We ain't ashamed to look at prices.

We don't buy new shoes - cause we don't wanna wear 'em in.

Men eat lunch mad early. We get busy on pizza slices and shawarma. We flick each other off for no reason at all. 

We find a store and occupy a single fitting room for several hours straight. We ask for every combination of everything in every size. You're right, I'm not XXL. But we'd like to see how it fits.

And after a full day of retail shopping, we make zero decisions and purchase one item under $100 which may or may not contribute to the final ensemble. 

Why? Cause we don't know how to do this. We're our fathers' sons. So when you go to Bloomingdale's, we go to the shoe store next door. We don't need shoes. But we'll pretend that we do. Word.

- - -

Photography by Brian Leahy for Joanna Wilson Photography

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