April 8, 2011

TGS Goes Corporate (with JWP)

Six months ago, I sent my boys (along with now Co-Best Man Odin) to The Art of Shaving Barber Spa in Midtown Manhattan for a luxurious pre-wedding shave.

Four months later, 2Es and I -- equipped with camera and facial hair -- visited the Los Angeles retail store for an interview, photo session and GROOM GIVEAWAY

And just now we learned that 2Es' photos are on The Art of Shaving website, gracing their re-designed Barber Spa page. Please check them out here, and tell TAOS how much you enjoy the new look and the new photos that go with it.

And please ignore the dude in the barber chair. It's clear he's not a model.

© Joanna Wilson Photography 2011

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