May 15, 2011

Bachelor Party Planning for the Procrastinator

Check out what Whole Foods is carrying these days:

America's favorite expensive organic market just earned a cool point

That's right, a one-gallon beer maker's kit from the Brooklyn Brew Shop, complete with fermenter, three-piece chambered airlock, racking cane and (yes) instructions. You think we would let you brew recklessly? Please.

($40.99 + tax)

Hangover kit and back-up beer* not included.


*back·up beer [bak-uhp beer] - noun   
   1. a reliable beer purchased at a bar when tasting a lesser known beer, for those instances when the new beer is sub-par
   2. a case of beer that resides in one's trunk, for instances of spontaneous revelry and/or when freshly brewed homemade beer tastes like sewer water


  1. Just found your blog... my fiance is going to love it as I do.

  2. Thanks for commenting on Bayside Bride today! Your blog is awesome and it's absolutely amazing to see a groom blogging!