May 20, 2011

Crossing the Aisle, Vol. V + A Hungover Gift Registry

We begin today's post with our weekly salute to those wedding ladies who occasionally throw a groom a bone. Thank you, wedding ladies. This one's for you.

Groom-Friendly Designs on the Bridal Blogs

via 100 Layer Cake
100 Layer Cake and East Side Bride teamed up on Tuesday to defend a groom's right to choose his own attire and put on his own big boy pants. Wedding equality is nearly within reach.

Make 'em look this nice, and she might play a round before the ceremony (via Wedding Chicks)

via Green Wedding Shoes
I've been pretty clear in the past about my love for food trucks and my affinity for one truck in particular. So when GWS posts a food truck wedding post, albeit an "inspiration shoot," I have to share it. So scroll quickly through the jewelry and hairpieces and bouquet-holding and get to the good stuff: the food. in a truck.

via Ruffled Blog
Hanging out in a cave with Hamm's beer and s'mores? I'd get engaged again for that.

I love you more than I love this cheap American classic 
(via Ruffled Blog)

- - -

And while you're perusing the internet this weekend (after the rapture, of course), check out the groom-friendly action at Wedding Republic. Hana and James at WR have devised a very unique wedding registry for our favorite new couple, Stu and Lauren, from the much-anticipated Hangover 2.

To top it off, Chris from The Man Registry and I have put in our own two cents. Check out our registry recommendations here.

Have a great weekend, everyone, doomsday and all.

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