May 2, 2011

The tables have turned: our trainer goes Brian Williams on us

A couple months ago I invited our fitness trainer Damon to join us on TGS and give us the scoop on getting in shape for the wedding.

Weeks later, Damon proposed that I do the same for him. If I declined, he would make me do 50 additional burpees in front of the class. Being the cocksure man that I am ... I did the interview. 

So check out Damon's own blog for a Q&A with me and 2Es as we give our thoughts on training. Please note that we received a "push-up coupon" for each compliment to Damon or his program; each push-up coupon entitled you to subtract a push-up from each circuit the following morning. As you can see, we're swimming in coupons over here.

If you'd like more information about Damon's boot camp program in Los Angeles (particularly brides and grooms hoping to get fit for their upcoming weddings), you can email me or Damon directly at

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