February 9, 2011

5 Cuff Link Sets That Won't Bore You to Death

Chris Easter from The Man Registry has stopped in to clean out my fridge and rant momentarily about the impressive collection of groom-friendly cuff links that he keeps in his closet at home ... which, coincidentally, are also available at TheManRegistry.com.

Rant on, Chris:

Looking for a gift for your groomsmen that will actually be used for years to come? Cuff links are a great option. Guys can wear them and look dapper not only on the day of the wedding but at plenty of other formal or semi-formal occasions in the future. But rather than giving your guys the ubiquitous monogrammed version, why not go with something a little more interesting to let them know how much you appreciate them? Today there are many creative cuff link sets available, designed to fit the unique personality and interests of almost any guy.

Here are some options to consider:

Secret Agent Cuff Links. The name's Bond. James Bond. Give your favorite international man of mystery these tubular-shaped silver-toned cuff links, which feature a secret compartment that can be unscrewed to reveal a thank-you note or a more traditional "your mom" joke.

"Yeah, well, I'm gonna walk your mom down the aisle. Boo-ya."

Spiderman Cuff Links. Perfect for the comic book lover, the guy who's nostalgic about his childhood action figures, or your third cousin who's got a serious Andrew Garfield man-crush, these Spiderman head cuff links come packaged in an engraved silver-toned case that can be imprinted with the recipient's name or a special message, such as Thanks for being my best man - and my superhero!

Spidey's gonna shoot his web when he sees these 

American Flag Cuff Links. Whether you support the left, the right, or the Rent is Too Damn High Party, love of country is (hopefully) the one thing that binds us all. Our American flag cuff links come packaged in an attractive, personalized silver-toned case featuring the name of the recipient, making them an ideal gift for a military or any patriot.

These puppies just one-upped the flag pin

Airplane Cuff Links. It's a shame that the airlines don't give out that those plastic, clip-on airplane wings anymore. Fortunately for you, we've got the next best thing. Any pilot, airplane aficionado or world traveler will love these spitfire airplane cuff links, which also serve as a nice segue into a conversation about the mile-high club.

Interesting story about how I got these: see, I pushed the attendant call button, and my shirt somehow came unbuttoned...

Horseshoe Cuff Links. FACT: 88% of groomsmen that wear our horseshoe cuff links end up going home with a bridesmaid. The other 12% end up puking their guts out after closing down the open bar. I like those odds... 

...but I'll probably still end up in the bottom 12%.

Be sure to check out The Man Registry's engraved cuff link collection. Also, don't forget to take us up on our offer of free shipping on all orders over $149.

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Chris Easter is co-founder of TheManRegistry.com -- the leading website for all things grooms. After struggling to find guy-friendly wedding resources during the planning of his own wedding, he co-created The Man Registry. The site offers a unique wedding registry for men, custom groomsmen gifts and a wealth of content aimed at helping men survive in the world of weddings.

Also check out The Man Registry's blog at GroomsAdvice.com.


  1. Those airplane and Spidey cuff links are such fun! I found etsy to be a great source of interesting cuff links (had a very cool set made for my groom with maps from all of the places we've lived together and was able to get a special tie tack made to match).

  2. i got the husband soccer balls for his wedding suit (which were a hit) but those spidey links are the BEST!

  3. Those "secret agent" cuff links are my favorite, it would be a lot of fun to leave messages in there!