July 27, 2010

The Groom Pant

It all began with the new line of "Hollywood player" pants at Express for Men:

The Photographer pant comes with two extra pockets to hold - uh - your two extra cameras...?

The Agent, Producer and Photographer pants got me thinking about wedding attire, a topic I'd been purposefully neglecting for the last 13 months. Look, I don't consider myself to be a fashionable guy -- nor am I unfashionable, mind you. I do dabble in metrosexuality on occasion. I suppose the real problem is that I don't do formal-wear too often. It's not my style. How does one dress a writer, anyway? Where's the "Writer Pant," Express for Men?

"No, sir, she doesn't come with the corduroys."

You may remember the Friends episode in which Chandler is picking out his own groom attire -- and he's got his heart set on either the "Bond" or the "Batman" suit. Well, there is some truth there. For us grooms who don't know where to begin, the first step is to follow in the footsteps of our idols and scout Hollywood for the best-(and the worst)-dressed.

A Serious Man vs A Single Man

While Michael Stuhlbarg does manage to pull off the faded jacket-and-mismatching-tie -- the perfect look for a college professor on the verge of a nervous breakdown -- I'm not sure it screams WEDDING (though it does scream several other things). I think I'm more inclined to follow in Colin Firth's footsteps in his classic, immaculate, Tom Ford-inspired get-up with the accompanying skinny tie and dark-rimmed glasses. 

Ari vs Eric

I typically side with Mr. Murphy on all things Vince-related (perhaps it's our Irish brotherhood), but in the wardrobe department, Ari is on top. Being a super agent certainly has its perks -- the most obvious one being an impressive collection of Italian-cut, navy blue designer suits.

What's most refreshing is that both of these Hollywood hard-hitters have proven that short dudes can pull off any number of suits. Thanks, men, from yet another guy on the shortlist.
Clooney vs Clooney

Perhaps I'll blend the two looks -- do the double-breasted, slate grey divorce attorney look with the whole unwanted-American-in-the-Middle-East beard thing.

Some smart-looking group contenders:

Reservoir Dogs vs...

Mad Men vs...

The Office

And I owe a personal shout-out to Jimmy Cagney, one of the best-dressed male actors in early American cinema. Often seen in a suit and tie with slicked hair parted just off-center, Cagney knew that gangsters need not look rough in order to act tough. I mean, the man has his own pocket square fold for chrissake.
I'm not saying I could or intend to pull off the pinstripe look (or the fedora, for that matter), but Jimmy is certainly an inspiration worth noting. And now, in his honor, the Cagney fold:


  1. Many thanks for the yummy man-ness on this page as well as the Cagney fold. My dudes are wearing pocket squares in lieu of boutonnieres (sp?) and I had no idea until this point what to do with those bad boys. Whatever I was planning on would have been SO square compared to the CF.

  2. Glad I could bring the CF to your attention, Kerry!

    And by yummy man-ness, I imagine you're referring to terrorist Clooney. 2E's says hot actors putting on pounds for parts is very yummy right now.

  3. Hey there. I was wondering if you had any idea what tie Michael Stuhlbarg is wearing in that still from A Serious Man. I'd love to get it for my husband if there's any way to track it down.

  4. I definitely like Ari's style. Ties are really hard to decide on for most guys, especially on special occasions. The gray suit and perhaps silver necktie is my favorite. Great ideas you got here, Madman! And yeah, thanks for the Cagney fold. I've been wondering for years on how to do that. Hah!

  5. Thanks for reading, Cliff! The Cagney fold makes for a great party trick.

    If ties are what you're looking for, check out Julie Rath's recent guest post for the "what tie fits me best" breakdown.