July 9, 2010

Groom Eye for the Straight Guy

You might call this highly unlikely ... but I say screw likely. What has likely ever done for me?

I mean, what's-her-face did it. Valerie Bertinelli. She's getting hitched to Tom Vitale and asked him to take charge of planning the wedding. And she seems just fine with it (see forced smile below).

Now I know many of you ladies out there would eat your own veil before you give your man the task of planning and designing the whole shindig ... but we can't ignore the fact that, in a world where gender reversal is as common as cornflakes, there are grooms out there who are ready and willing to take the reigns. And I'm looking for that groom.

 This guy has no idea what he just signed up for

And I'm looking for that bride ... the bride that is too overwhelmed or occupied or anxious or (gasp) apathetic to plan her event ... who is willing to put her trust in her man and this blogger slash groom as consultant and a team of capable men by his side ... we need a bride who threw "likely" out the window long ago and occasionally uses "tradition" to line her hamster cage. We're going to prove once and for all that grooms have what it takes to put together a fine-looking wedding (minus the cake shaped like a beer can).

And it'd be helpful if this couple was in Los Angeles. Just saying.

So. Who's up for it? Brides? Grooms?

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