July 21, 2010

Venues with Speed Limits

In the spirit of non-traditional weddings, I thought we should take a minute to celebrate venues and vendors who have no permanent address ...

... it also gives me an excuse to talk about our new infatuation, LA food trucks. There's a special place in 2E's heart for meals on wheels.

the magic school bus

So aside from the handful of buses that were maimed in a tornado, school buses are a sweet, chic option for guest transportation. They've got more character than your traditional charter buses, and I guarantee there's a stash of Big League Chew under one of the seats toward the back. I don't know -- there's just something too-perfect about 40 relatives in formal-wear crammed into seats intended for eight-year-olds. And if you supply the milk and cookies for the ride back to civilization, you'll totally be the coolest kid on the block. 


Call me crazy, but I've always envisioned a wedding ceremony inside a glass display truck. Granted, 200+ guests might find the glass enclosure a bit claustrophobic, so I imagine a much smaller wedding would be more successful. If it's feeling a little "blah," then throw some art direction in there: rig a snow machine on the ceiling of the enclosure, drive through Manhattan at the height of a blistering summer, and get hitched in your own private winter wonderland.

(And if you're dreaming bigger than your budget, you can always sell some ad space to help kids read good or stuff.)

 mobile eats

For those who've spent the last X number of years on house arrest, take note: when we talk about "food trucks," we're no longer referring to those painfully plain white box trucks that you'll see parked outside construction sites and occasionally in front of high-traffic office buildings, serving hoagies wrapped in plastic and Lays potato chips.

These days, food trucks offer cuisine -- chef-created dishes in sleek trucks designed to grab your eye from the road and send you on a manhunt for the nearest parking meter. And lucky for you -- most trucks are available for private events. Your guests will thank you for having a little creativity, and those who aren't sold immediately will be pleasantly surprised when it's not sliced turkey with a single-serve packet of Heinz.

Check out my handy mobile eats link on twitter, and scope out our new favorite truck, Komodo, pictured above.

the vintage getaway

Brides, you've got to meet us grooms halfway here. It's true -- nothing will ever top the classiness of an antique, late '60s, checkered taxicab, but what says A Lifetime of Marriage like a DeLorean DMC-12, a vehicle that can literally take you into the future, or the past, where you may very well get hit on by the teenage version of your mom.

Plus, it's got gull-wing doors. They open up. That's crazy.

the even better getaway

Thanks to the film industry, we actually have vehicles like these at our disposable (and I'm not blowing smoke up your ass -- I've actually rented one before). How'd you like to drive off in a '54 Kaiser, or an original Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, or a 1957 Jaguar XK-140 Drop-Head Coupe. 

Yeah, that sound you just heard was your groom's mind exploding. 

Check out local film car rental companies (like the NYC-based FilmCars.com and Creative Film Cars) for available cars and pricing.

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