November 9, 2009

2 Steps Forward

It was bound to happen. The wedding industry and all of its lovely inhabitants had been unfairly generous until this point. The skies had no doubt been clear for too long.

This morning we learned that the photographer who'd offered to shoot our wedding free of charge (minus expenses) has booked the day that we'd previously decided upon. The reason -- well, let's go with "miscommunication."

Yeah. That'll do.

This year-long journey wouldn't be complete without its trials and tribulations, and we're blessed in that this is the first we've encountered. And every woman who has ever worn that sacred dress -- every one of them who is reading this entry -- is nodding along and saying, "The first of many." And every man who has worn that sacred vest is shrugging their shoulders and adding, "So? Get over it. Find a new one."

So that's what we're going to do: Get over it. Find a new one.

Thanks for the moral support, gentlemen.


  1. What?? No fair! Well....there is always a reason for these kind of things. Time will tell.

  2. what??? that's so freaking ridiculous! Karma is going to BITE THEIR ASS!!!!!! And give sweet kisses to yours....

  3. I'm so sorry Brian!!! You guys will find another photographer - one that you will absolutely love! Don't worry!! I'm three days away from the big day, freaking out for silly reasons, and my amazing sister has helped me to see that this wedding my going to be beautiful just the way it is - whether it's perfect or not. So hang in there -Steve and I are here on the East Coast if you need us! :)

  4. In the words of someone I admire: Tell him to go fuck himself.