November 14, 2009


2E's loves jars. I've found that this is something all women have in common. Thanks to Restoration Crate & Pottery Barrel, women will gladly collect anything if there's a jar to showcase it.

So when I say that she and I have been keeping a Honeymoon Jar in the kitchen ... I should further explain that there was a jar on super sale at Ross (2E's thought Ross was gRoss before she learned of unfathomable discounts) and this particular sea green tinted jar just happened to be most fitting for loose change.

2E's and I are supposedly donating five dollars to the jar five days out of the week ... at least. And yet, after counting out our bills this evening and doing some basic arithmetic, we realized that we haven't been meeting our weekly quota. Not even close. I also have a few IOUs in there that I'd forgotten about entirely. Nonetheless, there is a pile of money sitting on our countertop. It's tempting to grab all the cash and run out to Red Lobster for peak snow crab season.

The idea is to build up a big chunk-o-money by October of next year, pay for our entire honeymoon week with this pocket change and, between now and then, hide the jar when strangers and acquaintances come to visit. It's not that we're distrusting of others. We just don't trust ourselves. We'd probably take from a tall sea green glass vase full of cash if we happened upon one.

The procrastinator in me predicts my future. Months from now ... say, September ... I see myself dropping 10s, 20s, perhaps even whole paychecks into the jar to make up for evading the daily deposit. That, or I'll stage a robbery.

"Boy, he must have been in a hurry ... he only grabbed the honeymoon jar. Boy. Wow. Humph."

Readers - you need not say a word. I know. The robbery is much more realistic.


  1. If you come up short... just pass the jar at the reception. Will sea green work with the wedding color scheme???

  2. You guys should commit to the five bucks a week... and when you get up to $100 (or whatever amount) put it in a new joint savings account that you will never touch! Don't touch it!

    I just read a story in Real Simple Magazine about the $5 vacation. A man who pays for everything in cash would save any $5 bills he had left in his wallet at the end of the day. When he got $50 he put it in a savings account at a bank he rarely went to. At the end of a year he took his family on vacation!!!

    This is not practical for me because I do not use cash..... but maybe for you and your honeymoon???