November 29, 2009

Wedding HQ

Everything you know is still wrong. And everything you think is yours no longer belongs to you.

At a certain point in the process, your home stops being your home and instead becomes a fully functioning wedding headquarters, a place where women conjugate, drink coffee, skim magazines, watch movies, gather around computers, pencil sketch and gasp at things.

You pay rent, but that's meaningless.

Since the engagement, what was once a Friday or Saturday night ritual (formerly known as "girls night") now occurs on any given Sunday afternoon or early Wednesday morning. Time is no longer a concern; after all, online bridesmaid dress shopping is open 24/7.

Lucky me that 2E's bridesmaids happen to be three very close friends of mine, and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather invade my space.

1 comment:

  1. good. i plan on coming over at least once a day for the next year and giggling loudly over ribbon-y girly things and "something blue." How vague. I'm going to make her carry a smurf in her bouquet.