November 3, 2009

And She said, "Let there be blogs"; and there were blogs. And She saw that blogs were good.

Oh, the emails. And if only it were only the emails. But the emails begat curiosity and curiosity begat Google and Google begat blogs. Blogs that spark both envy and creativity. Blogs like Brooklyn Bride and Inspired Goodness that -- according to 2E's -- are as essential to a bride as a daily multivitamin, packed with iron and nutrients and miles and miles of estrogen.

This is the genesis of wedding planning.

A bride's cranial "image bank" capacity quadruples throughout the planning process (see above). Hence, she's able to track a dozen wedding-related blogs at once; to navigate two dozen internet browser windows simultaneously; and to maintain an ever-increasing mental portfolio of ideas ranging from disturbing to decent to downright awesome. And as we all know, nothing pairs better with mental portfolios than a healthy dose of plagiarism.

Brides have been stealing from each other since the beginning of time, since the second not-yet-evolved primate bride sat admiring the first primate bride's Facebook wedding album and conceded, "Those mastodon slider apps were sweet," and realized that she could do no better.

And so, since those primordial cave weddings, brides have taken the take-a-penny-leave-a-penny approach to planning. Weddings are a hodgepodge of ideas tracing back to who-knows-when. A bride may incorporate medieval silverware into her centerpieces -- a completely original idea -- but I definitely saw those coat of arms table numbers on

And so, while it's not in my nature as a writer to do so, I've told 2E's to plagiarize away. Cause we're not experts. And cause those coat of arms table numbers were sweet.


  1. I love these man. A friend of mine has a company, and I think you might enjoy it.

  2. Just wait - one week after you get back from the honeymoon, all that overwhelming need to find more ideas, see more images and add "just one more project" to the list will disappear.

    And then the real fun begins..your married. you can relax and you remember why you fell in love all over again.

    It almost makes up for a year full of maddening emails.