November 27, 2009

Groom Points: The Scorecard

Men need lists.

It's something I learned from my father. He never goes anywhere to buy anything without a list containing precisely those things he needs. Even if it's a post-it note with a single item, he still folds it and pockets it. To go in there empty-handed would result in disaster.

And so, after receiving such a warm response from the Groom Points post, I thought it only appropriate to create a Groom Points Tracker -- a scorecard with which men can keep an accurate account of the points they've earned through chores, favors and deliberate purchases.

Groom and boyfriends alike - this is for you. Brides and girlfriends - you've been warned.

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  1. Genius! I love the touch of dividing by the number of years we've been together. Sad but funny. Not looking forward to next year when my points get cut in half.

  2. 1E, you are so in touch with the female gender! Way to recognize the importance of Vampire Melodramas AND organizing life. You get 2 more points from the entire female sex.

  3. what a scream....2Es claims "The Groom Says" is fictional but I know better.